Acton - Shapleigh Youth Conservation Corps

Help protect your waterways, always check your boats, trailer, line, and tackle for plant fragments.

Courtesy Boat Inspection Team

Courtesy Boat Inspection The goal of the ASYCC Courtesy Boat Inspection Program (CBI) is to prevent the introduction of invasive aquatic plants from entering the local watersheds. Invasive aquatic plants threaten the livelihood of the freshwater bodies ecosystems, surrounding Town's economies, and wildlife populations in the area. Invasive aquatic plants threatening New England's waterways include Hydrilla, Eurasian Milfoil, Variable Leaf Milfoil, and several others.

The ASYCC CBI program works with boat owners to educate and check their boats for plant fragments. CBI's are placed on both Mousam Lake and Square Pond public boat ramps to check all boats, trailers, and other items such as fishing tackle, lines, ropes, and water toys. If a plant fragment is found the CBI removes the plant from the boat, identifies the fragment or sends it to the lab for identification, and properly disposes of the plant fragment.

When a plant fragment is found and a CBI is not on duty please throw the plant fragment into a trash can. Plant fragments thrown on the ground can make their way into a waterbody during a storm even and cause an infestation from the single plant fragment. Invasive plants reproduce very quickly and without natural predators there is nothing to keep the invasive plant in check. Therefore, proper disposal of plant fragments will help prevent invasive aquatic plants growing in your favorite waterbody.

Before entering or leaving any waterbody please check all boats, trailers, tackle, and lines for plant fragments. Checking your boats is the best way to protect your favorite waterbodies from invasive plants infestations. If a plant fragment is found please give the fragment to a Courtesy Boat Inspector or throw it away in a trash can.

To learn more about aquatic plants, invasive aquatic plants, or to get involved in lake monitoring please contact the ASYCC or the Maine Volunteer Lake Montioring Program.